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Family Food Services, established in 1992 to serve children’s meals to our affiliated Child Development child care centers, subsequently expanded our focus to include a broad spectrum of publicly funded clients including senior citizens, daycare centers, homeless shelters and vocational rehabilitation companies.

Family Food Services operates out of a 6,700 square foot commissary located at 35-41 Williams Street in Chelsea, MA. Currently, our kitchen capabilities along with our fleet of vans and trucks allow us to produce and deliver an average of 3,000 meals per day to our clients with a capacity to expand to 5,000 meals per day. We offer home delivery of cold and hot meals individually packaged or congragate throughout the eastern part of Massachussetts.

... Quality Home Delivered Meals


Quality Control is important to us.  Our policy is to serve hot food HOT and cold food COLD.  Food temperature is measured daily before food leaves the kitchen and upon arrival at the delivery site using a kitchen thermometer which is calibrated daily. Currently, we produce and deliver meals daily to three Boston Elder Care agencies via door-to-door delivery routes as well as congregate site routes.

In addition, we produce and deliver hot lunches, hot and cold breakfasts, and snacks each day for numerous childcare centers.  Other clients include homeless shelters and assisted living facilities.